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Happy Spring 2009!

I’m back after taking a year off of writing my blog. With this new year there have been many positive changes. Check out my new website and also my new office! We have moved the office to 1440 Higuera Street still in San Luis Obispo. This is the cul de sac block of Higuera off of California Street and just 1 block over from the old office on Marsh Street. We are in a beautiful building with lots of light, space and good energy! Come visit us and say hello. You will love our new space and its healing vibe. You’ll be happy to hear we also have great parking!



Here’s some up to date information on Vitamin D 


Eveyone has been talking about vitamin D – the news, your friends and even your MD. Testing vitamin D levels in the serum is becoming the norm and from this information, we can determine if you currently have sufficient vitamin D stores. If you are low or have a medical condition where you would benefit from higher vitamin D levels, we can then determine how much vitamin D you need to bring you up to optimal levels.


Vitamin D helps with osteoporosis and maintaining adequate bone density, depression, fighting cancer and preventing chronic disease. Even breastfeeding infants can be low in vitamin D as they do not get vitamin D in mother’s milk. The new recommendation for infants who are breastfed (still the best nutrition for babies by far!) is 200-400IU per day.

We do get one form of vitamin D from sun exposure. We have a precursor to vitamin D in our skin and when the skin receives ultraviolet radiation it converts this precursor into an inactive form of vitamin D. This still has to be converted into the active form of vitamin D by the liver and kidneys. To get vitamin D from the sun, we only need 30 minutes of sun exposure 2-3 times per week to bare skin not covered with sunscreen. I recommend a daily walk for 15-20 minutes with hands and arms exposed to get sufficient ultraviolet exposure to synthesize your own vitamin D.

If you have had skin cancer or your dermatologist recommends against sun exposure without sunscreen, you will have to supplement extra vitamin D.

Individuals with liver or kidney dysfunction or disease need higher levels of supplemental vitamin D to accomodate for their decreased ability to convert the inactive form into the active form of D.


Oily fish are the best food sources of vitamin D – salmon, krill, tuna, anchovies, sardines. Here’s another reason to include these fish in your diet as well as their anti-inflammatory and brain support benefits.


Allergies – Spring winds bring in the drips, sniffles, itchy eyes and tiredness

Remember your allergy basics to keep these bothersome symptoms at bay.

1. Nasal rinse with netti pot or bulb syringe – still the best way to keep the nasal passages clear and prevent sinus infections

2. Limit sugar and wine – these increase histamine which leads to more nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, stuffy head.

3. Get sufficient rest. Yes the sun is shining brighter and for more hours each day but the immune system needs some rest after dealing with pollens all day. You’ll be happier you did – tomorrow!

4. Drink plenty of water – the runny noses and allergy supplements and medications all dry you out. Keep yourself as hydrated as possible with water – remember only plain water counts not the water in juice, tea or other beverages.

5. Keep your adrenals in tip top shape. These important “energy glands” also help our immune systems deal with allergens.

6. Vitamin C, stinging nettles, hesperidin, quercetin and bromelain are still the best for bringing histamine down and managing airborne allergies.


Enjoy this time of renewal when the earth wakes up and our minds turn toward the heightened energy of Spring. Take a few moments to look within and decide what you would like to plant. What ideas, thoughts, desires, inspiration do you want to tend to over these next few months? What do you want to blossom?  I can’t wait to see!


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