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Keeping Kids Healthy Part 3 – Common Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy Supports the Immune System

Homeopathic medicine offers a safe and effective way to support the immune system. Homeopathy is a form of medicine that stimulates the body to respond to symptoms. When we prescribe a homeopathic remedy, we look at a person’s symptoms, not the illness itself, to determine the appropriate remedy. The body has the ability to heal itself but it can be overwhelmed with symptoms, and its inherent response can be blocked. In homeopathy we “reboot” the immune system to bring in back into normal function to rid the body of infection.


Homeopathic Remedies

Here are some common homeopathic remedies used for childhood conditions and illnesses.


Chamomilla – (Made from the chamomile flower) A common remedy for teething or viral infections with anger and irritability. The child cannot be soothed; he asks to be picked up so you pick him up then wants to be put down. One cheek is often pink and fever can be present. Also covers diarrhea or the stomach flu with greenish diarrhea, stomach cramps.


Pulsatilla – (One of my favorite remedies made from the Pasque flower) This child is emotional, tearful, sensitive but irritable when sick. She wants to be held, needs support and lots of TLC. She tends to have runny noses that linger and are yellow or green. This also covers ear infections and mild fevers.


Calcarea carbonica – (Made from calcium salts) This is a strong, healthy child who is aggravated by cow’s milk products. He tends to have a large head constitutionally and is prone to upper respiratory infections with lots of discharges. He can also have body and diaper rashes and nasal congestion without discharge. He coughs linger and they can be wet coughs that are not productive.


Belladonna – (Made from the Belladonna plant which is toxic in large amounts but in a homeopathic dose where there is no molecule left of the plant (in a 30C potency) –  it is beneficial). Every household with children needs to have this remedy on hand for fevers; use it before you would consider an over the counter fever reducer. Good for fevers with lethargy; child is delirious or in his own world. High fevers, febrile seizures, usually not complaining but can be restless with glazed eyes.


Spongia – (Made from the sea sponge) This is a good, general cough remedy to have on hand. I typically like to treat coughs with herbal formulas instead of homeopathic remedies but this is a formula that can help with a variety of coughs. Good for dry, barking, croupy coughs. Spongia may help with asthma in children when the symptoms are a tight, dry cough and no wheeze and no shortness of breath. Also for lingering coughs that are not completely dry.


Gelsemium – (Made from the Yellow Jasmine plant) This is a good general remedy for flu with fever. It can cover the general flu symptoms of body aches, fatigue and no thirst. Gelsemium also covers upper respiratory congestion. The individual wants to be alone, quiet, may be slightly anxious and feels “terrible all over”.


Homeopathic remedies are one of our safest treatment modalities. They can be used with infants and children as well as pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. They are used as single remedies as noted above or in combination formulas. Good over the counter homeopathic companies include: Boiron, Hyland’s, Nelson’s and Standard Homeopathics. Over the counter lower potencies such as 12C and 30C are available. These are shorter acting remedies and can be used safely with little risk of side effects. Stronger potencies are only available through doctors and clinical homeopaths.


You may wonder: “who is a homeopath?” A homeopath is someone who practices homeopathy. The term homeopath has no official certification or medical designation. Homeopaths come in a variety of forms and can be “lay” practitioners who have no formal medical training; MD’s who have specialized homeopathic training; naturopathic doctors who have extensive homeopathic training as part of their degree; acupuncturists with specialized homeopathic training in homeopathy, etc. It is always a good idea to know the credentials of the practitioner with whom you are working.

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  1. Coral says:

    Thank you for this careful description of each useful homeopathics remedy! I have been looking for just such a compilation, as Poppy & Bodhi respond so well (as do I) to homeopathic treatments of various illnesses. We are grateful for you!

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