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Natural Medicine Resources for Sexual Health

As many of you know, I work with many women through the different phases of life – infancy, childhood, puberty, reproductive life, peri-menopause, post menopause, the wise years….there are so many beautiful and sometimes challenging cycles to a woman’s life.

Men also have their cycles though less outwardly obvious and less discussed until recent times. Men go through tremendous hormonal change through puberty, as reproductive men and then through andropause (the gradual decline of testosterone and other male hormones) into their wise years.

As the years go by, I respect more and more what women and men go through. The cycles become clearer to me as do treatments to best support both women and men through these shifts and adjustments.

Women and men of all ages are concerned with their sexual health. I have worked with couples in their 80’s who still want to maintain regular sexual function as well as couples in their 50’s who are comfortable and happy with shifting their physical affection and demonstration of love to a less active sex life.

Whatever your personal goals and preferences are – there are healthy ways to maintain hormonal support for lifelong well-being.

After years of requests from patients, I have finally started to carry natural personal care products to support women’s and men’s sexual function. I can stand by the quality of these products as they are Emerita brand products, a Portland, Oregon based company that has been making natural products for women for decades and Enzymatic Therapies, a long time leader in high quality natural supplements.

We will now be carrying: Hot Plants for Her and Hot Plants for Him – two herbal medicine products to support libido. For women, we will also have topical products for lubrication either for daily vaginal dryness or for use during sex, OH Warming Lubricant for enhanced stimulation and Response Cream for increased sexual response.

I hope you enjoy these products as another way to enhance your well being and optimal health.

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