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News from Dr Zoe

I wanted to officially welcome you to our new office and also get you thinking about what you need and want to continue your journey to health and wellness. I am currently in the process of developing new tools to assist you, and I welcome your input as to what health and wellness issues you would most like to resolve. I will be sending out surveys in a couple of months to hear from you about your health concerns and what format would best suit your needs for healing. I appreciate your feedback, and I am excited to soon be offering new services for you.

Have you found us yet?
In January we moved to a new location at 1495 Palm Street, the corner of Palm and California (right off of Monterey) in San Luis Obispo. Why move? Though I loved the architecture and feel of the old office, I needed more rooms for my own practice and desired to have an office where I could have practitioners around to create a greater healing environment. Before going to medical school many years ago, I had worked in a very busy public health clinic. I loved the sense of working as a team and providing different types of care to many different people. I wanted once again to be part of a shared space working with other practitioners while still maintaining a calm, healing environment.
Now I have an office solely for craniosacral therapy sessions and another office for patient visits. We also have two practitioners in the office offering their own healing modalities. It’s wonderful having more space for my practice and also having other practitioners around for a sense of community and shared vision of offering healing and wellness for the greater San Luis Obispo County community.

Let me introduce you to my office colleagues Sumac Biesek, owner of Soul Medicine and Victoria O’Toole, MT, owner of San Luis Therapy Center –

Soul Medicine is Energy Medicine based in ancient healing processes as well as Flower-Essence Therapy to restore balance to your physical, emotional, and mental being. Balance for exhausted adrenals is also available. Sumac is the owner of Soul Medicine and holds certification in Advanced Energy Medicine and Flower-Essence Therapy. Every Soul Medicine session is guided by your soul to achieve optimum results. Appointments by phone (805)748-3519, or email: soulmed4good@gmail.com. Information: www.soulmedicine.biz

Victoria O’Toole M.T. opened San Luis Therapy Center in 1992; her diverse background includes nursing, Hospice care, and management of a local chiropractic office. Her advanced bodywork techniques include training in Structural Integration, Sports Massage and Intuitive Design. Sessions are personalized and skillfully designed to meet an individual’s needs. Massage should be “GENTLE BUT EFFECTIVE”. Victoria O’Toole can be reached at 805-550-5405.
Both Sumac and Victoria are wonderful practitioners and are well loved by their clients. They truly offer a personal touch and individualized approaches to healing.

Come by and visit us when you are in the area – we would love to see you! I still carry high quality supplements if you are having difficulty finding what you need around town.

All the best to you in health and wellness!
~ Dr Zoe

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