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Prostate News – Clearing up Conflicting Information

Prostate health and prostate cancer prevention are on many peoples’ minds these days especially if you are a man. If you have been watching the research and medical recommendations over the last 5 years or more, you have no doubt encountered conflicting information at one point or another. I myself have seen the yearly medical conference updates and latest research on prostate treatments, recommendations, and outcomes change quite drastically from year to year. At the last medical conference update on prostate health I attended in March of this year, I was happy to hear that I was not alone in my confusion. Two experts in prostate treatment echoed the same lament -prostate research and treatment change from day to day. One speaker even commented that as he was waiting for his plane to bring him to the conference, he received updates that changed the lecture he was to give us that same day!

Fortunately, we do have some excellent resources to manage this influx of information. I have really enjoyed the website www.prostate.net . It is a very current and cutting edge resource covering a wide range of prostate and men’s health issues. The panel of experts covers many different viewpoints on urological issues and attempts to distill the information to make it approachable to anyone wanting a greater understanding of prostate health and how to make decisions regarding treatment.

Here is the information from prostate.net:
Prostate.net is the official website of the Prostate Cancer Institute, LLC (PCI), part of the CooperativeHealth Group. We are a leading website for men’s health, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle with a focus on prostate and related disorders.
By providing tools and information on everything from prostate treatments and erectile dysfunction to meditation, recipes, meal plans and nutrition this website aims to be the leading resource for men, and their partners and loved ones, seeking a holistic and integrative approach to ongoing health and wellness

(Dr Wells has no affiliation with prostate.net or any of its contributors.)

Tools for Prostate Diagnosis
The exciting outcome of prostate research is the many tools becoming available for diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis and prostate cancer. More urologists are using the transrectal ultrasound to better measure the size, shape, and volume of the prostate. Through the rectal wall this non-invasive imaging technique can obtain a much better image and more detailed information of the prostate than what can be obtained from a digital rectal exam alone. Though the technique is not comfortable, it is analogous to vaginal ultrasound for women, it gives us an opportunity to obtain greater information without the side effects from more invasive techniques such as biopsy.

For the last 10 years there have been many attempts to develop blood tests to differentiate between benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), acute/chronic prostatitis, and prostate cancer. There have been some amazing lab tests developed but with the cost of testing have been exhorbitant. As scientists continue to work with these new testing techniques they will eventually become affordable and available to the general public. Keep your eyes open for more information to come!

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