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Dr Zoe’s Anointing Oils for Transformation

* Currently being reformulated

Dr. Zoe’s Anointing Oils for Transformation are a treasure chest of essential oil blends specially blended by Dr. Zoe.
Essential oils are potent aromatic oils extracted from plants like orange blossoms, rose petals, eucalyptus leaves and rosemary spikes. These oils have been used since time immemorial to fight off infection, stimulate the body’s energy and mental focus, relax the nervous system and create a sense of wellbeing. Essential oils are like the gold of medicinal plants. They have a very high resonance and can affect the functioning of the body in many ways. They can be used medicinally for illnesses as well as balms to our emotions and mental states. We are living in a time where we recognize the incredible abilities of the brain and we are learning to turn on new pathways and centers in the brain. Essential oils with their specific vibrations can work at the cellular level to affect change and bring the body up to a higher level of wellness.

How to anoint yourself
Open the essential oil bottle and allow 2-3 drops to fall into your palm. Rub your palms together to warm and mix the oils, bring your hands to your face and breathe in the oils allowing their energy to raise your vibration, then with a fingertip apply the oil anywhere on the body that needs attention.
Dr Zoe’s Anointing Oils kit contains high grade essential oils in a base of apricot kernel oil. Oils are for external application only. Oils should not be applied to tissue such as the mouth, inner nose, eye, vagina or rectum or any area where there is a rash or irritated skin.
Dr. Zoe’s Anointing Oils for Transformation include 10 essential oils blends of 5ml each.