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Ebook: Women’s Transformational Journey – 5 Steps to Creating Joy and Balance in Perimenopause

A woman’s life is full – full to the top and overflowing. When a woman feels out of balance it stops her from enjoying the flow of her life and robs her of the joy of living. Every day I see women in my medical practice who want help with low energy, sleep problems, and mood swings. They are journeying through the complex and challenging stage of perimenopause, and they want off the hormone rollercoaster. Each stage of a woman’s life brings new challenges and new discoveries. Our bodies help us to maneuver through these stages, and our hormones create the physiological shift to push us to evolve and grow our body, mind, and spirit.

Have you yourself had any of these experiences?
• Feeling consumed and controlled by your emotions and not knowing where they come from or what to do with them
• Feeling like you’re riding the hormone rollercoaster each month and wanting to get off
• Not being able to stay focused on your goal
• Being so tired you can’t imagine having the energy to do something new or different even though you know you need to break out of the rut
• Sensing changes in your body but not knowing what to do about them – mood changes, sleep problems, new PMS symptoms and an inability to handle family or work demands that you juggled successfully before

I’ve worked with so many women that have these challenges. They may come in to my practice for hot flashes and sleep problems but as we talk, they speak of brains that won’t shut off, persistent nagging thoughts and worries, racing hearts, an undercurrent that something is wrong but they can’t figure it out and they’re scared.
Women are intelligent. They know when something is up, but taking the next step to stop and listen can feel overwhelming.
I understand these issues from the perspectives of the thousands of women I have worked with in my natural medicine private practice.

I wish to share with you much of what I’ve learned about women.
• How to be happy and feel good
• How to enjoy your body, feel vital and be able to do the things you really want to do
• How to show up for your life and be who you really want to be
• How to support and nourish this beautiful vehicle of the body – the house of our emotions, mind and soul
• How to be there for yourself and commit to yourself before everyone else
• How to hold yourself when you hurt and stay by your own side even when it seems that no one else will

With these tools you’ll be unstoppable, the irresistible you that you dream of being!


*** Watch for the release of Dr. Zoe’s new book, due out in late 2019, The Secret Life of Hormones – Finding Hormone Balance through Perimenopause and Menopause for a Better Life