1495 Palm St.
San Luis Obispo, CA

Women’s Transformational Journey Living Workshop

A living workshop is a golden opportunity to practice putting the 5 Steps to Creating Joy and Balance in Perimenopause into real life practice. Designed for women ages 35-55, this workshop will give you the hands on experience to live the life of your dreams! You know the true self you really want to be and express in the world, you know what dreams are deep within your heart – now is the time to live them!
Perimenopause is a potent time of transition and transformation, stepping from one life cycle to the next. Take yourself out of the discomfort, fatigue, and irritability of this hormonal change and instead step into greater vitality, creativity, and passion!

The next Women’s Transformational Journey Living Workshop will be in Spring 2014. Come celebrate the beauty of who you are, connect with deep wisdom and vitality and be inspired! You will take home tools and practices to live the life you desire from this day forward.