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Spring Is Upon Us

Happy Spring!

While most of us typically look forward to the joys of Spring, this year seems to be bringing some extra challenges. Every day I speak with people who are having difficulties right now. They are feeling tired, depressed, confused and have physical ailments that range from headaches, sleep problems, digestive distress to generalized body aches. Usually I see a lot of seasonal allergy problems at this time of year, but this year is different.

As the seasons change so do we. As adults we often think we are done growing or changing, and we forget that our bodies and spirits are always evolving.  To better understand what is going on inside of us, consider how children react when they are going through a growth spurt and what the plants are doing at this time of year. When children have growing pains they sleep more restlessly; they bump into things when they run around as their bodies have changed; they need more sleep; they seem disoriented and have difficulty focusing.

Plants are also going through amazing growth cycles that are both visible and invisible at this time of year. New buds on trees have to break through the surface of the branches; sprouts have to make their way through the heavy soil before they can see the light of day; even chicks and baby birds tire themselves as they intuitively peck at their shells trying to break free. The birds do not know what is on the other side of their known environment and have never seen the light of day but something spurs them on to keep pecking until their goal is accomplished.

At some level we are no different from the children, plants and birds. Many of these changes go in internally, below our level of awareness but they happen nonetheless. Our job is to keep on going until we break through the soil or create a crack in the egg, until we see the light of day.

During this process we need to care for ourselves in a deep and gentle way. Here are some things you can do to support yourself during this time of transition and growth:

  1. Listen to yourself, your inner knowing
  2. Get plenty of sleep
  3. Keep the energy moving through gentle exercise, stretching, movement, dance
  4. Spend some time outdoors in the fresh air and with natural light
  5. Limit sugar, include protein and fresh, whole foods: springs greens, vegetables, nuts and seeds and fruit
  6. Listen to what your body is craving but don’t let the sugar, simple carbohydrates, and coffee get out of hand
  7. Listen to music that feeds your spirit
  8. Read inspirational books, quotes and poems
  9. Write yourself and your loved ones little love notes
  10. Find a smile to share
  11. Be gentle and accepting of yourself
  12. Be gentle with others and remember they are going through this too
  13. For extra support consider these supplements:

Blue green algae (like Afa-Gen) for amino acids, trace minerals, energy and mood support

A food based multi vitamin to provide your basic nutrients

B vitamin complex for energy, sugar cravings, nervous system support

      Sleep supports such as passionflower, skullcap, l-theanine, 5- HTP or Revitalizing Sleep     Formula                                    


Remember this is a season of new growth, increased light, opening and emerging from the hibernation and introspection of winter. Whether you feel inspired to create or need more time to go within, give yourself what you need and be patient with the transition from one season to the next. Support your body in healing ways so that it in turn can support your emotional and spiritual needs. Then you will be able to appreciate the beauty around you!

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