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The Energetics of Healing

Greetings All You Lovely People,
As kids return to school and summer winds down, the excitement of fall always calls to me. This is a season of change, learning and getting back to ourselves. Summer calls us outside to play and explore, enjoy the long hours of sunlight and heat. Fall keeps us on our toes, hot one minute, chilly mornings the next, it’s nature’s time of flux before the cold of winter draws us inside both literally and figuratively. Fall offers us this opportunity to stimulate our minds, delve into new projects, change our focus. In this spirit of learning and expanding, I offer a class for YOU! I will be leading a class on The Energetics of Healing. If you find this topic calls to you, come and join us – I do promise it will be life changing!
The Energetics of Healing
Are you ready to take the next step in your healing and raising your consciousness? Dr Zoe is ready to help you get there! These are incredible times that we are living through. Let’s together harness the energy of this monumental shift in the Earth to promote our own wellbeing as well as that of the planet and all people. Join me in a thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational time together to increase happiness, peace and light in your life. I welcome you on this journey!
In this forum we will explore:
Practices to keep your energy up and your attitude positive
Maintaining your objectivity in challenging situations and releasing unwanted energy
Learning to tune in to your own body
Accessing the healing abilities of your own body
Healing at the cellular level
Helping you understand the changes we are currently going through and how to use this momentum to promote your own wellness
Creating and living the life you desire
We will meet Tuesdays, 12:00pm-1:00pm in Dr Zoe Wells’ office, 1440 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo. Classes start Tuesday, September 29 and will go through Tuesday, October 27, 2009. To facilitate a personal atmosphere class size will be small. Tuition is $100 for the 5 week forum. Please bring a positive attitude and an open heart.
Best wishes to you,
Dr Zoe

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